The Patient Medical Journal is an organizational tool that assists the patient, caregivers and medical staff in all aspects of the patient's care. The Journal is designed with sections for the important paperwork the patient receives. Each section includes instructions on how to organize paperwork, plus helpful hints and a calendar to record appointments.

The Patient Medical Journal will help the patient and caregivers track and organize:


  • * Appointments
  • * Instructions
  • * Medications
  • * Staff Phone Numbers
  • * Resources
  • * And much more!

How the Patient Medical Journal can help you:
Emergency visits are less stressful. All your pertinent medical information is organized at your fingertips to share with the medical staff. Appointments go more smoothly because you are better prepared. You will have the necessary medical information if you find the need to call the doctor at home.

Cancer Patient Medical Journal

Contains specific information and terminology relevant to those diagnosed and being treated for cancer.

Patient Medical Journal

Designed to assist with any illness or long-term care such as diabetes, heart disease, or high-risk pregnancy.